We are David, Marla, Pat, and Sylvia. We have known each other separately for decades, but finally came together in 2013 as a group of poets and writers, giving readings about how HIV/AIDS has impacted our lives personally. David, Pat, and Sylvia reside in Portland, Oregon. David is an HIV-negative teacher, performer, dancer, singer, writer, and poet. Pat is a technical writer, professional editor, and poet, who writes about her personal experiences of assisting with the passing of three of her very close friends who died of AIDS in the 1980s. She is the author of a chapbook called, A Luminous Trail Through the Wilderness. Sylvia is a writer and a poet who lost her son, Aaron, to AIDS in 1992. She has written a book of stories and poems about his last days called, Scared of That, Living While Dying of AIDS. Marla resides in San Francisco, California, and has been living with HIV/AIDS since 1988. She is writing a memoir about what it was like for her as a young straight woman with AIDS to live through the epidemic in San Francisco before the straight community was testing. We have come together as The December First Writers and are dedicated to education, dialogue, community building, and to raising awareness and support for AIDS organizations and resources in our community, as well as entertaining and educating many different types of audiences with our diverse writing. Most of our readings are given in Portland, Oregon around World AIDS Day, December 1st.

We would love to participate at your event and are available for readings. To request a booking, please visit our Contact Us page on this website. We look forward to hearing from you.

December First Writers